Securitas Update

It is now approaching the end of the financial year – WOW; it seems like it was just the start of the new year yesterday!

The monthly “Securitas Lunch” is now well under way and into its 4th month. This is where we all take turns in providing lunch for the rest of the office; however this is no normal lunch.

The adviser must cook the lunch in the office – expectations are high and all food must be made from original ingredients. So far we have had a thai feast, gourmet steak burgers, braised osso buco and a green curry chicken. Mark is a self-noted “foodie” and is always the most critical to Judge! Gregg….. well let’s just say his cooking should improve – we just hope the fire brigade does not have get involved for his next lunch.

Jason, our trusted Mortgage Broker from Mortgage Focus moved into our office in January. As a cook – Jason makes a great Mortgage Broker! In all seriousness, over the last few months Jason has meet with several of our clients which have resulted in some great outcomes for them.

Next month we are welcoming a new financial planner to our team. We will be providing a summary our new financial planner in our next update.

All the best until our next update

The Securitas Team