Securitas Update

Happy New Year! We trust that everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa was good to you!

Kevin and Louise are happy to announce they are expecting their 4th child to arrive in 5 months’ time.

We have recently joined various forms of social media and welcome you to connect with us:


Securitas is passionate about making a difference. We believe in growing our business in a way that supports the wellbeing of the world we live in. The number of people needing food relief is on the increase which is why we are proud to support Foodbank. Foodbank assists 437,000 people with food relief each month. For many, they will make the difference between eating and not eating today. Foodbank are helping people in crisis to get on their feet again.

Some statistics about the unlucky people in our lucky country:

  • 516,000 Australians rely on food relief each month
  • 60,000 Australians seeking food relief each month are unable to be assisted
  • 2.2 million Australians live in poverty

For every referral we receive that becomes a client of ours, we will pledge a donation to Foodbank so that they can provide 300 quality meals for those who really need it.

More information can be found at:

Corporate Giving
Our 100% Happiness Guarantee

Wishing everyone good health and happiness

The Securitas Team