bg-retirmentHappy Retirement

When you retire, what will make you happy? Is it a reliable and tax effective income? Or something else? Let’s work together to make your retirement a happy one!


bg-superannuationSuper Happy

What does it mean to be “super happy”? Many of us don’t realise that we have the power to treat our super like any investment and let it perform well beyond our expectations.

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bg-insuranceInsurance Security

You work hard to build wealth and provide for your family. So, what’s your back-up plan in the event of injury or death? The right insurance is essential to securing your family’s future.

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bg-investmentInvestment Opportunity

What are your financial goals? After we agree on your personal circumstances and risk profile, you can rest assured that our recommendations will help you bring your dreams closer.


bg-partner-with-usCarefree Finance

We all know that getting finance can be stressful. That’s why we’ll inform you of your choices and help you make the right decisions. Once it’s sorted, you can get on with enjoying life!


bg-superannuationGuaranteed Happiness

Want a financial planner that’s willing to put their money where the mouth is, at Securitas we do. If you’re not happy with our advice, then you don’t pay for it. That’s our “Happiness Guarantee”.


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Our Client Feedback

Securitas Financial Group was recommended to us by a friend of ours and did not disappoint. They were very professional, and importantly took time to listen to our questions and provided us with clear and easy to understand answers. Mark was always available and kept us updated throughout the process of setting up our financial plan. We have already recommended them to a number of our friends and look forward to continuing as a client of Securitas.

Jenni and Mike

Securitas Financial Group has been our adviser for many years. During this time we have found their commitment to providing excellent service and quality advice exceptional. Our adviser has been very proactive in keeping us up to date with the latest changes in the economy that may impact our situation. We have grown to trust their advice implicitly and would recommend Securitas Financial Group to anyone looking for a financial planner to guide them through the complexity of their superannuation and insurance arrangements

Jason and Fah

Kevin provides highly qualified, expert financial advice and is our financial planner of choice for our staff. His professional, yet caring nature is unmatched by any financial planner I know.

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